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Exhaust Gas Systems for

Gas Turbine Installations

As for the Diesel Engines, the sea water injection principle is equally applicable to Gas Turbine installations and Mecmar has successfully delivered exhaust systems for the luxury motor yacht market as well as for the military market.


Seawater may be injected immediately downstream from the diffuser/compensator outlet of the Gas Turbine. Performance results achieved to date are similar to that of the Diesel Engine installations.

The control and monitoring principles are similar and the same logic is used in the Gas Turbine applications. The system also uses two-stage injection. The main difference in the Gas Turbine application is the absence of the silencers, otherwise the mountings, exhaust pipes and ancillary equipment are of the same type.

The functional and system description is therefore the same for the Diesel Engine and Gas Turbine application. Due to the power of the Gas Turbine installation the volume of exhaust gas and therefore the volume of water injected obviously varies and the pumps, piping and size of exhaust piping and ducting is much larger in order to handle the respective volume flows.

The SCR technology and waste heat boiler options have not yet been incorporated into the Gas Turbine exhaust system solutions. 

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